You just woke up and found a letter from your future self under your pillow. Apparently, you’re super poor in the future and they want you to change the timeline. Can you pull it off?

Apparently “TikTak phenom” isn’t a real winner career-wise and you should just start saving money. Thoughts?

In the future, it’s easier to stay rich if nobody steals your money - Crazy, right? - so maybe try a PIN better than 1234?

The ‘mattress bank’ crazy Uncle Fred recommended turns out to have pretty low interest rates. Have you considered Caisse?

A $1.00 per transaction fee doesn’t sound like much, but you’re going to make, like, A LOT of transactions. Can you do the math?

It’s been a few months and another letter just showed up. Have you changed the future? But let’s see what really happened.

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